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1 Step Up, located in Florida is a new, independent record label that was established in 2019 to promote a Liberian American artist Emmanuel Saye Blimie aka E-Man music endeavor.


1 Step Up seeks and signs up superb underground talents both local and international artists with the prospect of grooming them and marketing their appeal to a broader musical audience on the music world stage regardless of music genre.

By finding superb underground talent and improving their marketing and appeal to a broader music audience, 1 Step Up will be able to build a stable of artists with significant customer bases.


This will translate into significant sales of music (CDs, MP3s), concert tickets, and related products (e.g., merchandise).

Currently, 1 Step Up outsources mixing, mastering, studio time and publishing to financially save operations in year 1 and 2. 

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"Guitar & Beautiful Soul is a tribute to Mr. Leonid Afremov the greatest artist in my lifetime." -Emmanuel Blimie